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Lucky Patcher is not the app which is meant to crack your phone or something. but this app provides you with the various other benefits and a series of multiple features so that you can manipulate the other apps on your phone.

Firstly after installing lucky patcher apk, it analyses all the apps that are installed on your phone and then it will tell you the actions you can take on those apps which you can carry out, In many of the apps you will find the option to remove licence verification which means that for that app it is required that you should download them from google play store to work, extract the apk file to do backups and other actions which you can think of like removing google ads, or even unlocking paid apps to be able to install and run them on other devices.

Lucky Patcher Apk
Lucky Patcher Apk

It is really a powerful toolbox which really allows you to do multiple things, it even lets you clear the app data, you can easily select and remove in-app purchases, you can disable certain packages, even backing up and cloning apps is really possible, and also it is possible to generate modified apk files and disconnect apps from google play.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download For Android 2017 | Latest version

Features Of Lucky Patcher Apk

As this is a really great app it has some really nice, and useful features some of them are listed below

Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher
  • Easy to install and run
  • It’s completely free
  • The benefits it has are really nice
  • Easily remove ads from app
  • You can backup the apps
  • Cloning apps is also possible
  • It is really easy to modify the associated permissions of apps
  • Clearing the data apps is also very easy
  • You can even remove the licence verification of the apps
  • Disabling the packages in certain apps is also very much easy
  • It shows whether the app is original or it has been modified

Installing Lucky Patcher Apk On Pc and Android

Sadly we can’t install the Lucky patcher on pc so we just install this app directly on the android device in which we want to modify our apps, to install this app there is one requirement that you need to follow and that is

  • Your Android Device should be rooted

That is the only condition which is required for the installation of this app, you can root your Android phone using one click rooting Apps like Framaroot or Towelroot or vRoot etc. You will be able to install this app if and only if your phone is rooted. If you have a rooted phone already then follow the following instructions to know more about installation procedure and how to use the application

1. You need to go to the following URL to download the app, make sure you download the latest patch of the app.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk

2. After the download, you can install this app like you install any other app.

3. Once the app is installed you can open the app, then  lucky patcher will assess all the phone’s installed app.

4. Once it is done it will show you list of all the installed apps on your phone along with the actions that you can take on them.

And the best part about it is that these actions are colour coded so that you can easily make out what actions you can easily take on the particular app, these colour codes indicate the following operations

Green: Can be registered and disconnected from Google Play

Yellow: Has a specific patch available

Blue: Includes Google Ads

Purple: A system startup app.

Orange: A system app.

Red: Cannot be modified.

All of these codes are necessary and will help you decide which changes you can easily make on your android phone.Some of the actions that are mentioned can sometimes be illegal. this even allows you to extract the apps and eliminate their permission you can easily make apps run on such devices which are not compatible with the app. you can even transfer apps between smartphones and tablets that are officially not compatible with both of the platforms.

It even shows you whether the app is original or it has been modified or not.Keep it in mind that these are some of the smallest things that the lucky patcher can do you can even explore more once you have installed this app.The more you explore in this app the more you are able to learn about it, This app is very useful while installing third party apps and even changing their permission. If you are always bothered by the ads that show up when you are playing games, even those ads can be removed with the help of lucky patcher apk.

The feature of making sure if the app is original or not will let you know whether or not the app that you have downloaded is legitimate or not

Lucky Patcher Apk Alternative Apps For Android

There are also so many different alternatives for this app which do exactly the same job as the lucky patcher, so if you don’t like the lucky patcher you can check out The following apps

1. CreeHack


Creehack is one of the best apps which is used for patching the games, it helps you to do in-app purchases without actually paying the money

2. Appsara

It is an in-app purchasing hacking tool which allows you to bypass the in-app purchasing window so that you can easily buy whatever you want.

3. Freedom APK

This app allows you to have unlimited coins in your games so that you can easily purchase whatever you want in-game. Download freedom apk no root access from the official website.

4. Game Hacker

Sb game hacker is one of the best android game hacking and free in-app purchasing apps. You can crack any game to get fee coins, points and other things.  Download SB Game hacker apk for Android from the official website.

5. XmodGames

Xmod is one of the best best android game hacking application, which requires root access. Like all the games, it is not available in the Google Play Store, you can download xmod games app from the official website


Lucky Patcher apk is a great app which allows you to modify the apps that are on your phone, it has only one requirement and that is your phone should be rooted. there are also some nice alternatives available for lucky patcher apk, but this app provides a fully customized control over all of the apps that are installed on your phone.

Just keep it in mind that you download the latest version of lucky patcher app so that you can receive all the latest patches for the apps that are installed on your phone.